Trincomali Nature Sanctuary

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12 Hectares Located on Galiano Island, Covenanted in 2000

TLC purchased approximately 12 hectares of land on Galiano Island and transferred it to the Islands Trust Fund for protection. This property is located along the southwestern portion of Galiano Island along Trincomali Channel. The property has been established as a nature sanctuary to protect key seabird nesting habitat, maintain the forested character of the property and to allow natural ecological processes to function without human interference. The property’s coastal bluffs and adjacent older second growth woodland have high habitat values for birds. Important shelter and nesting sites are provided for Double-crested (Red listed) and Pelagic cormorants, Peregrine falcons (Red listed) and Glaucous-winged Gulls. The forested area at the top of the cliffs acts as an important buffer to many of the plants and wildlife that make use of the coastal bluff habitat. The Land Conservancy and the Habitat Acquisition Trust hold a Conservation Covenant on the land to ensure the protection of this important nature sanctuary. Learn more about Trincomali Nature Reserve.

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