Clearwater Wetland & Wildlife Corridor

//Clearwater Wetland & Wildlife Corridor
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Wetlands provide critical habitat for a wide range of wildlife. They also act as giant sponges to reduce floods, ease droughts and filter sediments, pollutants and excess nutrients. Photos by Jason Hollinger.

The Land Conservancy of BC and renowned lichenologist and naturalist, Trevor Goward are working together on a major initiative in the Clearwater River Valley, in the southern section of Wells Gray Provincial Park. This is an ambitious project that will see the culmination of the vision of Goward and his neighbours, John and Edwina Kurta to protect valuable habitat, provide areas for wildlife viewing, and foster research and education.

At the centre of the project is the creation of a permanent wildlife corridor that will connect two portions of southern Wells Gray Provincial Park. This corridor will benefit the park’s large mammals – moose, wolf, deer, cougar, black bear, and grizzly bear – that must currently travel across the Clearwater River Valley during spring and fall through unprotected private lands. The creation of this corridor is of utmost importance as the private lands in this area are undergoing significant development pressure as the world begins to discover this incredible part of B.C.

The project will include two significant donations of land by Goward and the Kurtas and the acquisition of three further parcels. As of 2012, TLC and its partners needed to raise $350,000 to secure the first three acquisitions totaling 28 acres. With the generous donations by Goward and the Kurtas, the total area protected will exceed 100 acres.