Elizabeth Lake

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On September 30, 2015, TLC completed the transfer of 26 properties, including Elizabeth Lake, to the Nature Conservancy of Canada for their continued stewardship. For more information please view the news release.

On December 22, 2016, the Province of British Columbia announced the transfer of four properties from the Nature Conservancy of Canada, including the Elizabeth Lake parcel previously owned by TLC, to the Province to ensure these important properties remain protected for future generations to enjoy. Read the full press release.

0.614 Hectares located in Cranbrook , Donated in 1998

The Elizabeth Lake property was generously donated to The Land Conservancy of BC. It contains valuable wetland and shoreline habitat and connects protected areas on either side.

This property is part of the City of Cranbrook regional trail system which circles Elizabeth Lake. These trails allow access for residents and visitors to the Elizabeth Lake Bird Sanctuary, a 249-ha marshland protected by the Ministry of Environment and the City of Cranbrook. The Elizabeth Lake wetlands provide nesting opportunities for many species of birds, and a resting spot for migratory birds and waterfowl as they pass thorugh the Elk Valley corridor. Elizabeth Lake provides prime habitat for muskrats, fish, frogs, turtles, and invertebrates. Deer, moose, fox, and coyotes also make this property home.

TLC works with the Rocky Mountain Naturalists and local elementary schools on restoration and management projects at Elizabeth Lake Sanctuary. Together, we have planted hundreds of native shrubs and trees to restore an abandoned athletic field adjacent to the wetlands to wildlife habitat. In 2008, TLC, the Rocky Mountain Naturalists, and the City of Cranbrook built new boardwalk trails through sensitive parts of the Sanctuary, to allow visitors to enjoy these areas without damaging habitat for the creatures who live there.

Directions: 1st & 15th, Cranbrook. Follow Hwy. South out of Cranbrook, the trails and parking are on the left just outside of town.