Squamish Mamquam Blind Channel

Squamish Mamquam Blind Channel 2017-05-24T16:15:17+00:00

7.18 hectares located in Squamish, covenanted in 2010

The property is on the shared floodplain of the Squamish and Mamquam rivers and is surrounded by a tidal slough and drainage channels. These water sources are key rearing and overwintering habitat for young salmon, and areas for adult salmon to migrate and spawn. Besides the waterways, the upland area of the property includes a marsh meadow but is mostly forested with Sitka Spruce, Red Alder, Western Red Cedar and Black Cottonwood. The variety of habitats on the site provides refuge for many species, including various species-at-risk and nesting songbirds. The species-at-risk include the endangered Pacific Water Shrew and the threatened Red-Legged Frog.