Sansum Point

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51.8 hectares in Duncan
Covenanted in 2011

Amongst the rain shadows of the Vancouver Island and Olympic Mountains near Duncan, lays a coastal bluff so incredible its moss and lichen-covered rocks create a new shade of vibrant green. Everywhere you look Arbutus and Garry oak trees frame breathtaking views of Salt Spring Island, Sansum Narrows, and south to Satellite Channel. This special place is called Sansum Point.

This property is part of the moist maritime Coastal Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zone, of which only 3.9% is protected by park in BC. It contains a variety of sensitive ecosystems, including coastal bluffs, older second growth forest, woodlands and wetlands. It overlooks Samsun Narrows and the coast of Salt Spring Island and is an important viewscape for both communities and is of First Nations significance. The property provides important recreational opportunities, both for hiking and diving.

While navigating through the Sansum Narrows, Sansum Point has long been looked upon with awe by mariners for its skyline features and waterfront seascapes. Along its shores, divers also explore marine life such as rock scallops, trumpet sponges, coral, colourful anemones, and sea lilies. Further into the forest, amid the Douglas fir, Bigleaf maple and western red cedar trees, numerous wetlands support a community of wildlife.

On September 1, 2011, the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) took ownership of the 128-acre property, turning it into parkland for current and future generations to enjoy. TLC and the Cowichan Land Trust jointly hold a conservation covenant on the entire parcel.

Assistance from the CVRD has allowed TLC and the Cowichan Land Trust more time to fulfill their remaining financial contribution of $495,000. This three-way partnership is an important step for building future parkland acquisitions in the Valley.

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