Morton Property

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9.4 Hectares Located on Salt Spring Island, Covenanted 2000

This property is located near Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. It contains a flat, uniformly forested area supporting deep, rich soils, and areas marked by steep hillsides. There is also a small ravine located in the southeastern portion of the Morton property. During wetter months, small ephemeral streams exist through the middle of the property. The property is generally a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees. Red alder, Western red cedar, Douglas fir, and Bigleaf maple trees are found in the pond area. Understory and groundcover of the pond region include Nootka rose, lady fern, horsetails, skunk cabbage, loosestrife, vanilla leaf, and twinflower. Located nearby the driveway are two cedar wildlife trees. Wildlife trees provide valuable habitat for local flora and fauna such as ravens, Bald eagles, and woodpeckers. Black-tailed deer and cougars have also been seen in the area. Nurse logs, also visible throughout most of the property, provide evidence of logging. TLC, along with the Salt Spring Island Conservancy hold a conservation covenant on this property.

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