Maxwell Lake

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Approx. 106.3 Hectares Located on Salt Spring Isl. Covenanted in 2001

Maxwell Lake is a water reservoir for 617 consumers, including industrial users and the town of Ganges. This piece of land has a direct impact on drinking water quality for many residents of Salt Spring Island, as the majority of the property’s runoff enters the lake. It is important to protect this property to sustain the long-term health of the watershed. As well, Garry oak, the main species of one of BC’s four ecosystems at risk can be found on the property, demonstrating an important connection to the adjacent 285 hectares of land purchased by the Nature Trust of British Columbia for the protection of one of the largest stands of Garry Oak remaining in North America. The purpose of this covenant is to ensure protection of the land, vegetation and the quality and quantity of the water supply flowing from the lands. This management vision will be maintained and encouraged by the landowner and the covenant monitored on an annual basis by The Land Conservancy and Salt Spring Island Conservancy.

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