Linnaea Farm

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127 Hectares Located on Cortes Island, Covenanted in 1999

Linnaea Farm is located on Cortes Island, one of the Discovery Islands in Georgia Strait, approximately 150 miles north of Vancouver, BC. Linnaea Farm, which currently consists of 314 acres, has always been central to the history and development of the Cortes Island community. Produce from the gardens has been sold and traded, milk was delivered while the dairy was in operation, and camps with horse-riding activities were available to young people from Cortes and beyond. Trails through the property are still commonly used for horseback riding, hiking or simply as shortcuts for the Cortes residents and tourists. These include trails to Cortes Bay, Easter Bluff, Larson’s Meadow, and the lakeside trail to Hague Lake.

Linnaea Farm also provides access to the pristine waters of Gunflint Lake for swimmers, boaters and fishers. The diversity and beauty of the landscape, the flora and fauna, and the exceptional vistas have always made this property a popular destination for lovers of nature.

There is a history of use of the buildings and facilities by the larger community as well. This property is important for research, development and teaching of stewardship of the land and its resources within an ecological context, and their utilization in the areas of food production, crops, livestock, appropriate technology, and building maintainance techniques. TLC works in partnership with the Linnaea Farm Society to ensure this vision. It is important to develop and provide public education programs which encourage intellectual, personal and creative development, and teach values and skills for ecological sterwardship of the planet. The Land Conservancy of BC holds a conservation covenant on this Farm with the Quadra Island Conservancy to help to preserve these qualities for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

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