Kwel Sanctuary

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21 Hectares Located on Lasqueti Island, Covenanted 2002

This 21 hectare property is varied topographically and ranges from slightly above sea level to high escarpments to the north. The property comprises a Coastal Douglas Fir forest and represents a number of forest types including Pine-Arbutus, Salal-Oregon Grape, and Swordfern ecosystems with the varied communities of the understory which reflect and support the emerging forest. Ecosystem mapping has been completed on the property. In addition the site contains wildlife habitat (osprey and eagle have been sighted on the property), rock outcrops, sandy areas, escarpments, and scenic vistas. At the top portion of the property significant views exist over the Georgia Strait and the mainland. This property is owned by the Islands Trust Fund with the conservation covenant being held by the Nanaimo Area Land Trust and The Land Conservancy.

Directions: Located at the corner of Main & Tucker Rd. on Lasqueti Island.

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