Emerald Forest

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56.3 hectares located in Whistler, Covenanted in 2000

Located in Whistler, the property is 139 acres and is called the ‘Emerald Forest’. It has become entrusted to the municipality of Whistler and the covenant is co-held by the Land Conservancy and the municipality. The area is made up of wetlands and old growth forest. A system of trails for walkers and mountain bikers is already established in the forest and anyone interested in visiting can call the Vancouver office to ask for directions. The Emerald Forest is located near the Barnfield Farms subdivision where TLC already holds three covenants that protect a wildlife corridor. The municipality has developed a management plan and the two old gravel pits are currently being restored into wildlife habitat. Many of the spurs created by the mountain bikers are being closed and replanting has been completed.

Directions: Drive past Whistler village towards Pemberton, turn left at Lorimer Road. Follow Lorimer Road until it ends. Park on the side of the road and walk across the bridge over the River of Golden Dreams.