Squitty Bay

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On September 30, 2015, TLC completed the transfer of its 4% undivided interest in Squitty Bay to The Nature Trust of British Columbia for its continued stewardship. For more information please view the news release.

TLC purchased a share of Squitty Bay on November 15, 2007. The Ministry of Environment acquired the property in 2007 with financial support from the Islands Trust Fund, the Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy, The Nature Trust of British Columbia and TLC. Protecting the property resulted in a four-fold increase in the size of Squitty Bay Provincial Park from 13 hectares to more than 51 hectares. The addition has protected the Coastal Douglas-Fir biogeoclimatic zone, including uncommon plant communities and foreshore habitats. Only 4.7 per cent of Lasqueti Island’s land base is currently protected.