Ross Bay Villa

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On October 23, 2015, The Land Conservancy of BC announced the sale of Ross Bay Villa to the Ross Bay Villa Society. The property remains protected through a heritage designation previously passed by the City of Victoria and through the continued stewardship of the Ross Bay Villa Society. For more information, please read the full news release.

Ross Bay Villa is one of fewer than a dozen 1860s houses left in the City of Victoria. Built in 1865, the one-story residence is remarkably intact, retaining almost all of its original detailing, both inside and out. The design of the house is in a restrained Gothic Revival style with exterior elements including modest but finely made wood Gothic trefoil detailing on the porch, unusual champhered detailing on the exterior window frames, decorative turned finials at the roof peaks and a rare double-flue chimney. Located at 1490 Fairfield Road in Victoria, this historic site is directly adjacent to the historic Ross Bay Cemetery. The Land Conservancy purchased the property on April 29th, 1999, rescuing it from demolition.

Since that time, and with the incredible leadership and professional guidance of a dedicated group of volunteers, TLC has been working to bring the building and its grounds back to its former glory. The restoration of the grounds is near complete and is being designed to replicate the appearance of the garden during the late 1860s. The exterior work has been largely completed and work is now focused on the interior.

On December 20, 2008 the Drawing Room was unveiled at a special event held in honour of the many generous individual donors, organizations, and volunteers who have supported the restoration of Ross Bay Villa over the years. The first interior space to be restored, the Drawing Room’s highlights include wallpapers that have been replicated from the 1860s originals found in the house. The original 1860s wallpapers were found beneath layers and layers of more recent wall coverings, samples of which will also remain on view under plexiglass.