Raymond M. Goodall Ecological Land Reserve

//Raymond M. Goodall Ecological Land Reserve
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On September 30, 2015, TLC completed the transfer of 26 properties, including the Goodall Ecological Land Reserve, to the Nature Conservancy of Canada for their continued stewardship. For more information please view the news release.

Raymond M. Goodall Ecological Land ReserveThis south Salt Spring Island waterfront property supports some Garry Oak Ecosystems, rated as one of the most endangered vegetation communities in Canada. The property was donated in 2006 to TLC under the Ecological Gifts Program of Environment Canada, and is maintained as an ecological reserve with no public access.

The property contains Coastal Douglas-fir forest, which is a priortiy for protection in BC. In areas where the topography is relatively flat and low, relative to the bedrock outcrops, western red cedar is the main tree species. Along drier rock outcrop areas, Garry Oak plant communities are found. Groundcover associated with this community consists of many wildflowers including common camas, white fawn lily, shooting stars, and onion species as well as diverse grass and moss species. Wildlife trees are also located on the property, which provide a valuable habitat for local flora and fauna such as ravens, bald eagles, and woodpeckers.

There are a few invasive species on the property that are a threat to the ecosystem including Scotch Broom, Gorse and Himalayan blackberry. TLC plans to develop a weed maangement plan as resources become available to enhance the Garry Oak Ecosystem values of the property.