Matthews Point, Galiano Island

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Matthews Point is situated at the southern tip of Galiano Island on Active Pass.  The land encompasses a number of diverse, sensitive ecosystems and essential bird habitat and is a vital piece in the protection of Active Pass, which millions of residents and visitors travel through annually and experience as the quintessential Gulf Islands landscape.  This area provides scenic hiking opportunities and views of Vancouver and the Gulf Islands.

In 1999, an opportunity arose for TLC to partner with Capital Regional District Parks (CRD) to acquire 36 acres (14.7 hectares) along Matthews Point.  This acquisition built upon the work of many to protect areas on Galiano Island’s southern shore in the past, most notably the creation of Bluff Park by the Galiano Club and the purchase of Mount Galiano.

In 2005, TLC moved forward to acquire the neighbouring parcel to Matthews Point in hopes of one day linking Matthews Point with Bluff Park.  Again, in partnership with CRD Parks, we were able to acquire an additional 33 acres (13.4 hectares).  In early May of this year, CRD Parks moved forward with the purchase of the remaining piece linking Matthews Point with Bluff Park.  Outstanding features of the land including spectacular bluffs, Garry oak meadows and a quarter-mile long sand beach along Active Pass are now protected.  The Matthews Point bluff area is to be protected by CRD Parks as a Regional Park Reserve with a small eight hectares adjacent to Bluff Road to be subdivided.  This area was determined not to have regional park significance. For a map of the acquisition, please click here.

TLC’s contribution to the Matthews Point Additions was $200,000.