Stebbings Covenant

Stebbings Covenant 2017-11-19T19:47:01+00:00
26.28 hectares in Shawnigan Lake
Covenanted in 2010

Stebbings Covenant encompasses Stebbings Lake, Stebbings Creek and Devereaux Creek which come to a confluence on the property to form Shawnigan Creek which is the main inflow creek for Shawnigan Lake. The Devereaux Lake and Stebbings Lake watersheds constitute the complete upper watershed for Shawnigan Lake and, as such, have a very significant ecological value for the Shawnigan Lake community. The critical ecological functioning and services this property provides are protected by this covenant. The dominant tree species with this covenant are Douglas-fir except in the very moist areas where it is Western Redcedar. Other tree species include Grand Fir, Shore Pine, Western Coastal Hemlock, Yew, Cottonwood, Alder, and Arbutus.

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