Ruffed Grouse Ridge

Ruffed Grouse Ridge 2017-11-19T20:44:13+00:00

4.12 Hectares Located on Salt Spring Island, Covenanted 2002

This property is located in Trincomali Heights on Salt Spring Island and is ecologically significant for the diversity of ecosystems represented on it. The forest has been selectively logged and never clear-cut and is interspersed with rocky ridges supporting Arbutus and a wetland which is a tributary to cutthroat bearing Mansell creek. The Douglas fir/Arbutus plant association found on the property is Blue listed and there is habitat for the Red-legged frog which is a species at risk. A pathway in the property allows for walking and enjoyment of this lush forested property. This conservation covenant is held by The Land Conservancy and the Islands Trust Fund Board.

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