Ruby Alton Nature Reserve

Ruby Alton Nature Reserve 2017-11-19T20:44:24+00:00

13.6 Hectares Located on Salt Spring Island, Covenanted in 1998

This property is located near the head of Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring Island. It contains a small watershed and ravine which serves two residences with household water. The lower end of the ravine has not been logged. The ravine contains Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir trees. The larger part of the property was selectively logged approximately 50 years ago and now contains second growth Grand Fir, Red Alder and is interspersed with Douglas Fir. The property is significant as it is in the Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR) and is a target area being protected by a group of national, provincial and local conservation organizations. Species documented on the property include Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Red Alder, Big-Leaf Maple, Salal, Oregon Grape, and Sword Fern. The property contained a Heronry in the past. The Land Conservancy and the Salt Spring Island Conservancy hold a conservation covenant on the property.

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