Paradise Valley

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Paradise-40062.7 Hectares located near Winlaw, Covenanted in 2000

Located along Paradise Valley Road near Winlaw, BC, this property is adjacent to the Kutenai Growth Society property – together, these two conservation covenants protect habitat for black bear, moose, deer, cougar, bobcat and small mammals of various kinds. The Paradise Valley covenant property is wooded with mixed conifers, and provides valuable riparian habitat along Dumont Creek. Several kinds of ducks nest in the property’s Lily Pond, and there are many wildlife trees to feed and house woodpeckers and the invertebrates they feed on. Although the land has been lightly logged since the early 1900′s, there are a few large trees along Dumont Creek. Common nighthawks, who despite their name are declining across much of North America, inhabit a rocky promontory at the property’s northwest corner. TLC has held a conservation covenant on this property since 1998.