Matthews Point

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14.6 Hectares Located on Galiano Island, 1999

Located on the South end of Galiano Island. This property is a vital piece in the preservation of Active Pass. It contains ½ of Matthews Point and is a natural, unaltered Gulf Island landscape. Millions of visitors experience this area annually, as it can be viewed from the BC Ferry route through Active Pass (north side of the Pass). It contains spectacular bluffs, a large portion of natural forest and a quarter mile long sand beach. Recreational opportunities include a beautiful setting that is accessible by foot for bird and whale-watching, hiking and photography. Tall ridges and Arbutus provide a relaxing atmosphere for kayaking and canoeing. There is an excellent trail system for both novice and experienced hikers and a pristine white sand beach. Biological features of the property include sensitive Coastal Douglas fir/Garry Oak ecosystems, rare dry-zone vegetation, essential migrating bird habitat, Bald Eagle nesting zone, intertidal and beach areas. The area is home to Threatened species such as: Sharp-tailed Snake, Northern Goshawk, Marbled Murrelet, Townsend’s Big-eared Bat, and Ermine. TLC holds a conservation covenant on this property to ensure the protection of this significant piece of land.

Directions: Located along Bluff Rd. on Galiano Isl., east of Georgeson Beach.

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