Heavenly Acres Covenant

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Heavenly Acres Covenant24 Hectares located near Invermere, Covenanted in 2001

Heavenly Acres is a 59 acre property near Invermere, on the rolling Toby Benches – a 35 square kilometre plateau at the foot of the Purcell Mountains, in the Rocky Mountain Trench of southeastern BC. This property contains open grassland, mixed forest, and wetlands around two small, unconnected ponds. These areas provide habitat for a variety of species, including the red-listed American badger, and an important wildlife corridor and refuge for native plant species. Protecting grasslands and open forests is a conservation priority in the East Kootenays, where grasslands are being lost rapidly to forest in-growth and urban development. This conservation covenant was donated by Helen Annis (Young) in 2001. Given to her as a wedding present, Helen never took this lovely property for granted and named it “Heavenly Acres”. She protected this property to honour that gift, and to protect habitat for elk.