Second Lake

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TLC purchased Second Lake on January 31, 2005.

The property contains regionally and provincially significant habitat values and is located in a strategic location adjacent to other properties also protected by The Land Conservancy: to the east is the Ralph Barer Forest, and to south the Kindwood property. The property is also situated between Mount Work and Lone Tree Hill Regional Parks. Also part of this greenbelt of protected area is the Gowlland/Tod Provincial Park. The purchase of this property will add to The Land Conservancy’s goal of increasing ecological and recreational areas and significantly contributes to greenspace and wildlife connectivity within BC and the Vancouver Island Region.

The property, located in the Coastal Douglas Fir zone, contains regionally and provincially significant habitat values including the Douglas-fir/Arbutus plant community. The Coastal Douglas Fir zone has been identified as a provincial priority for conservation due to its high biodiversity and high pressure of development. The property is comprised of three broad habitats: Douglas fir-arbutus, terrestrial outcrops, the lake itself and the significant adjoining wetland.

Second Lake is currently not open to the public. A portion of the property is currently leased as residential. In the future, we intend to provide public access to the property.