Corrigan Property

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1.16 acres located in Surrey, Covenanted in 2006

Located in the residential area of Surrey on 126th Street, this property is nestled between J.T. Brown Elementary School and a new housing development.

This mature, second growth Western Hemlock/Douglas Fir mixed stand features many local species of vegetation including Salmonberry (Rubus spectabilis), Salal (Gaultheria shallon), and Red huckleberry (Vaccinium parviofolium).

Left by Doris Corrigan in 2003 to the Norbury Foundation, it had been a long standing wish that the forest be protected in perpetuity. In 2006, a covenant was placed on the land with TLC and the Ministry of Environment as co-covenant holders.

As of 2009, The City of Surrey completed extensive work to incorporate the Corrigan property with some adjacent City-owned forested parcels to the south of the Corrigan property. Today the properties are combined as a single park by a meandering pathway for locals to take a leisurely walk around the 5 acre forest.

The public park can be accessed off of either 126th St. or 125th St. at the 58th avenue cross street.