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You’re Invited to TLC’s October Board Meeting in Vancouver

On Saturday, September 23, we held TLC's 2017 Annual General Meeting and celebrated our 20th year of conservation with TLC Members and volunteers.  This year is one of monumental accomplishments and we were thrilled to share it with those who have made our work possible.  TLC's Board of Directors presented reports to the membership including our Annual [...]

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Ross Bay Villa Soociety Receives Heritage Conservation Outstanding Achievement Award

Ross Bay Villa Society receives the Heritage Conservation Outstanding Achievement Award.Photo Credit Frances Sloan Sainas. Davyd McMinn, Vice president of the Ross Bay Villa Society, accepting the award from Heritage BC.Photo Credit Frances Sloan Sainas. On February 18th, Heritage B.C. hosted their 35th Anniversary Awards Gala at The Imperial in downtown Vancouver. Held [...]

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Long-time TLC Member, Frances Sloan Sainas, Joins Board of Directors

A Member since 2001, Frances Sloan Sainas has been a TLC donor and volunteer for years. When TLC was struggling with financial difficulties in 2012 Frances volunteered her time moving TLC’s office, liaising with community partners and assisting the organization in financing the restructuring process. In September, Frances was elected to TLC’s Board of Directors. [...]

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You’re invited to meet TLC’s Board of Directors

Thursday, May 2nd, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Historic Joy Kogawa House located at 1450 West 64th Avenue, Vancouver The Board of Directors welcomes this opportunity to update TLC Members and the community at large about the current state of TLC affairs. Highlights since the November 3, 2012, Annual General Meeting in Victoria include: • AGM [...]

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Joy Kogawa House: a “Place that Matters”

Vancouverites voted and the Historic Joy Kogawa House was nominated as one of the 125 historic sites that matter courtesy of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s (VHF) Places That Matter. The project, celebrating Vancouver's 125th birthday, asked the public to help identify sites commemorating people, places and events that have helped shaped the city. [...]

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