Atkins Covenant Work Party

On September 25th TLC Covenant Manager Torrey Archer and CRD Volunteer Coordinator Colleen Long led volunteers in tackling  invasive species at the Atkins Covenant located near Thetis Lake. Approximately 10 people worked on the site for about 4 hours, clearing away the invasive species known as St. John’s Wort (Hypericum calycinum). Unfortunately, this is not [...]

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Supreme Court of BC Approves Transfer of Lohbrunner Farm

NEWS RELEASE SUPREME COURT OF BC APPROVES TRANSFER OF LOHBRUNNER FARM FROM THE LAND CONSERVANCY OF BC TO FARMFOLK/CITYFOLK SOCIETY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 26, 2016 Victoria, BC – The Supreme Court of British Columbia has approved the transfer of The Land Conservancy of B.C.’s (TLC) Lohbrunner Farm to the FarmFolk/CityFolk Society (FarmFolk/CityFolk). The Purchase [...]

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Mt. Benson Training Session with VIU Students

On June 29th, TLC’s covenant manager Torrey spent the afternoon at a first-year environmental geography course held at Vancouver Island University (VIU), training students in TLC’s ecological data collection methods. This was a short primer for a far more enjoyable adventure they would take together on July 15th – hiking the magnificent Mt. Benson situated [...]

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DeMamiel Creek Monitoring with Cowichan Community Land Trust Summer Interns

TLC staff and volunteers visited the DeMamiel Creek and Rocky Creek covenants over the course of two separate days, drinking in this beautiful area with its crystal clear waters and lush surrounding forest. Moss covered maples adorn the creek side, with very few invasive species ruining the party – hooray! The first visit was in [...]

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Kinghorn Covenant Monitoring Spots Species of Special Concern

On Monday, August 22, TLC staff and volunteers monitored the Kinghorn Covenant located at Mt. Work Regional Park. This covenant is home to the northern red-legged frog (Rana aurora), ranked as a species of Special Concern by COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) and also on the Provincial Blue List. Spotting [...]

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Covenant Monitoring (and fruit harvesting!) at Welland Legacy Park and Community Orchard

On August 16, TLC staff and volunteers conducted their annual monitoring of one of TLC’s most delicious covenants – the Welland Legacy Park and Community Orchard in View Royal. Staff and volunteers assisted LifeCycles’ staff member Holly with weeding, moving some leftover lumber from their newly constructed kiwi trellis, and harvesting fruit. Even though it [...]

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Atkins Road Covenant Monitoring

TLC staff and volunteers visited the Atkins Road Covenant on August 13, conducting the annual repeat photography and monitoring of this beautiful site that is sandwiched between Millstream Creek and the Galloping Goose trail. Even though the site is small (approximately 4 acres) it has three distinct ecosystems: one is a cedar and salal dominated [...]

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Linnaea Farm Society Shares Life on the Farm Video

Linnaea Farm, located on Cortes Island, is protected via one of TLC's Conservation Covenants. Consisting of 314 acres, the farm has always been central to the history and development of the Cortes Island community. Produce from the gardens has been sold and traded, milk was delivered while the dairy was in operation, and camps with [...]

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Monitoring TLC’s Selkirk Covenant

Arguably TLC’s smallest covenant, this tiny protected patch (approximately 200 squared metres) is on the Selkirk side of the Gorge Waterway in downtown Victoria. Nestled between the Gorge and residences, there is a surprising diversity of species to be found! How many species can you ID in this photo? We counted sea asparagus (Salicornia [...]

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