Monitoring TLC’s Selkirk Covenant

Arguably TLC’s smallest covenant, this tiny protected patch (approximately 200 squared metres) is on the Selkirk side of the Gorge Waterway in downtown Victoria. Nestled between the Gorge and residences, there is a surprising diversity of species to be found! How many species can you ID in this photo? We counted sea asparagus (Salicornia [...]

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Covenant Monitoring Team Hikes Mt. Quimper in the Sooke Hills

On Monday, May 30, TLC began this summer’s volunteer covenant monitoring in the Sooke Hills. Volunteers James, June and Alex joined TLC staff members Torrey and Andrew for a summit hike to the Mt. Quimper fire lookout station, built in 1951. The volunteers were trained in TLC’s standardized monitoring methods which include ecological data collection [...]

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Volunteer Opportunities at TLC Covenants and Properties

TLC holds covenants on properties which have active volunteer groups which we encourage you to join. Welland Legacy Orchard, located in View Royal close to Victoria General Hospital, hosts volunteer work parties every other Sunday. Activities include pruning, weeding and orchard maintenance. The orchard contains over 100 varieties of apples and quince, plum, kiwi and [...]

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Mothers Day Picnic with Partners

On Mother’s Day, The Land Conservancy of BC co-hosted a BBQ event that saw approximately 75 people attend Welland Legacy Park and Community Orchard. TLC partnered with the Greater Victoria Green Team and LifeCycles to bring volunteers together for the start of the summer season, as well as celebrating LifeCycles receiving a $12,500 [...]

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Volunteers Pull Ivy at Invasive Species Management Workshop

At the end of February, TLC co-hosted an invasive species management workshop and ivy pull at UVic’s Cunningham Woods. TLC partnered with the Environmental Restoration Volunteer Network (ERVN) of UVic, as well as Sammy Kent of Pacific Ecoscapes, a local landscaping company with a passion for sustainable and organic gardening. Sammy understands the battle against [...]

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