Barnfield Farm

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8 acres located near Whistler, Covenanted in 1997

The Barnfield Farm consists of three covenants, protecting a wildlife corridor for black bears and other mammals traveling between the River of Golden Dreams and parkland on the east shore of Alta Lake, in Whistler. The covenants also protect a stand of old growth conifers at the north end of Blueberry Trail. The properties are now owned by the Resort Town of Whistler and protected by a Conservation Covenant held and monitored annually by TLC. The land was donated to the Town by the developer. Of the full 24 acres in this development site, 4 have been earmarked for a 23-unit employee housing development. A further 12 acres were set aside for 8 low-density single-family residences. The remaining 8 acres, or one-third of the original development parcel, now form the protected area.

Directions: Drive past Whistler village towards Pemberton, turn left at Lorimer Road. Follow Lorimer Road until Crabapple Drive and turn left. Follow the road until the Barnfield wooden bus stop. On the left side of the road, is a sign for the Blueberry trail. To visit the covenants, follow the Blueberry trail.