TLC’s AGM and 20th Birthday Celebration Saturday, Sept 23

/TLC’s AGM and 20th Birthday Celebration Saturday, Sept 23

Dear TLC members and supporters,

A year of remarkable accomplishments, 2017 marks TLC’s 20th year of conservation. For our birthday we are celebrating you! Together we have protected thousands of acres of habitat throughout British Columbia.

cupcake-and-date-banner-1017x903I am pleased to invite you to TLC’s Annual General Meeting and birthday party on Saturday, September 23rd from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. This year our AGM will be hosted at the Windsor Park Pavilion located at 2451 Windsor Road in Victoria. To commemorate all that we have accomplished together in the last 20 years we will be celebrating with treats and refreshments following the meeting.

In keeping with TLC’s bylaws, a Nominations Committee was struck to recruit candidates for the Board of Directors and to put forward candidates for the consideration of the membership. The maximum number of Directors is 13. Directors are elected for a three-year term with a limit of three consecutive terms. Terms are staggered so that approximately one-third of Directors are elected each year.

There are currently eight Directors. Six Directors (whose terms are not ending) will be continuing. They include Mel Lehan, Fred Newhouse, Briony Penn, Frances Pugh, Lori Roter and Frances Sloan Sainas. There are seven positions open to nominations. Andrew Stewart was appointed to the Board this spring and now stands for election. Tom Watson has reached the end of his current term and stands for re-election.

Please keep in mind the following election procedures and timetable:

  • In searching for candidates, the committee considered a range of factors, including knowledge of TLC, expertise and background, geographic location and strategic connections.
  • Following receipt of this letter, members may nominate other candidates. Further nominations are welcomed and must be received by TLC no later than July 29. They must be signed by five TLC Members and include a written confirmation from the nominee that he/she agrees to stand for election. A short biography of the nominee must also be included.
  • If we receive more nominations than the number of vacant positions, an election will be held. If the same number or fewer nominations are received than the number of vacant positions, those nominees will be elected by acclamation.
  • Should an election be required, election materials and ballots will be prepared and sent to all TLC Members in good standing. Ballots will be sent by email to each member for whom we have a valid email address and by mail to all others. Ballots will be sent by August 18. Ballots must be returned in the manner set out in the election materials. Successful candidates will be announced at the AGM.
  • Please note that to be eligible to vote you must be a member in good standing by July 3.

On behalf of the Nominations Committee I am pleased to announce the following candidates for your consideration:

Andrew Stewart
Occupation: Retired Lawyer
Skills, knowledge and/or experience: Involvement in various not for profit boards with a particular focus on governance, finance and member communication. Problem solving and analytical skills developed during a 38 year career as a practising solicitor in Victoria, B.C. My legal practice included corporate small businesses, not for profits, First Nations, professionals and individuals. I also acted as the Managing Partner for Cook Roberts LLP, a Victoria law firm, which included as many as 24 lawyers and 30 plus support staff during my management tenure. I gained considerable experience in managing professionals and organizing an extensive and varied support structure.
Interest and Vision for TLC: To assist TLC in fulfilling its mandate of long term support for and growth in conservation covenants in B.C. To promote and enhance the reputation of TLC as a stable and effective agent for conservation for the benefit of many future generations. To promote TLC’s development of collaborative relationships with other conservation organizations, First Nations and all levels of government.

Tom Watson
Occupation: Investment Advisor / Father
Skills, knowledge and/or experience: I have a good knowledge of finances, and have served as both Chair and Secretary for the Gorge View Housing Society. I am also a volunteer coach with Doncaster, Reynolds and Lakehill Soccer.
Interest and Vision for TLC: I have a lifetime belief in working to support the environment and protect special places. I want to work to help TLC be on a stronger financial footing through an increase in its membership and profile.

Thank you for your continued support of TLC’s projects and programs. Members like you have been central to the success of our organization throughout its 20 year history. I hope to see you at our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, September 23rd to celebrate TLC’s 20th year of conservation.


Cathy Armstrong
Executive Director

P.S. It’s not too late to have your gifts towards TLC’s Covenant Program matched by Board Chair Frances Sloan Sainas in celebration of our 20th year of conservation. If you have already donated to sponsor a covenant I would like to thank you for supporting our sustainable approach to protecting biological diversity.

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