Monitoring TLC’s Selkirk Covenant

/Monitoring TLC’s Selkirk Covenant
How many species can you ID-Selkirk-Gorge-Covenant-300-Torrey-Archer

Arguably TLC’s smallest covenant, this tiny protected patch (approximately 200 squared metres) is on the Selkirk side of the Gorge Waterway in downtown Victoria. Nestled between the Gorge and residences, there is a surprising diversity of species to be found!

How many species can you ID in this photo? We counted sea asparagus (Salicornia spp.), oceanspray (Holodiscus discolor), entire-leaved gumweed (Grindelia integrifolia), sea plantain (Plantago maritima) and a variety of grass species all in this one photo!

Very healthy oceanspray, rose species and marine plants decorated the edge of the water. Unfortunately, Himalayan blackberry and English ivy are also thriving at this site, so TLC plans to revisit this fall and help remove the undesirable species.

Volunteers Maria, James and Alex all had fun at this tiny plot, identifying species and enjoying the sun. No area is too small to protect and TLC is grateful to be involved in the preservation of this small, but useful and beautiful, area.

Photo credit Torrey Archer.

Selkirk-Gorge-Covenant-Plant rust-300-Torrey-Archer
James and Maria assisting with photopoints Selkirk Gorge Covenant 300x400 Torrey Archer
Selkirk Gorge Covenant Sea asparagus Salicornia spp 300x400 Torrey Archer
Oceanspray (Holodiscus discolor)-Selkirk-Gorge-Covenant-x300-Torrey-Archer
Gorge-Selkirk-Covenant-400x300-Torrey-Archer-Sea asparagus (Salicornia spp.)
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