The Land Conservancy of BC’s Eagle Bluff Sale Approved by the Supreme Court of BC

/The Land Conservancy of BC’s Eagle Bluff Sale Approved by the Supreme Court of BC




The Supreme Court of BC has approved the sale of The Land Conservancy of BC’s Eagle Bluff in Oliver, B.C.

TLC purchased the 5.6 acre property in 2004 for $193,000, and in October 2012 the remaining $100,000 mortgage on the property was generously forgiven by the green lender.

The South Okanagan Rehabilitation Centre for Owls (SORCO) and the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of B.C. (BOCS) each have a 99 year lease registered on the property.

SORCO is a registered B.C. society dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of injured birds of prey. BOCS re-establishes self-sustaining populations of Burrowing Owls in B.C.

In January, Jim Wyse submitted an offer of $50,000 to purchase the property which neighbours his vineyard, the Burrowing Owl Estate Winery. Wyse, Board Chairman and founder of the Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, is a member of the Board of BOCS and previous director of SORCO.

Upon approval from the court, Wyse transferred the title to the joint tenants, SORCO and the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of B.C.

“To have played a role in preserving an endangered species of owls through TLC has been a rare privilege,” said John Shields, Director of Operations for TLC. “Knowing that will go on is our goal for the future.”

“This is what we want to see,” said Briony Penn, TLC’s Board of Directors’ Chair. “We are meeting our objectives – protecting the properties, finding the best home and paying down our debt. We are also hugely inspired by our members who have supported us with their continued membership, forgiving loans on this property and enabling this transaction to go through.”

About The Land Conservancy of BC:

The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC) is a non-profit, charitable Land Trust working throughout British Columbia. TLC’s primary mandate is to benefit the community by protecting habitat for natural communities of plants and animals. Founded in 1997, TLC is membership-based and governed by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors. TLC relies on a strong membership and volunteer base to help maintain its operations.

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Media contact: John Shields 250 479 8053

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  1. Marion Cumming April 5, 2014 at 10:58 am - Reply

    This sounds like good news! It would be helpful to have more details. Is Eagle Bluffs just as protected through repeated resales over time? It is very generous of the green lender to have forgiven the $100,000 mortgage. If the place is deemed of national significance, it is my understanding that this donor could receive a charitable receipt worth a 100% tax write-off (more than double the usual benefit). This, if advertised, could encourage other lenders to become donors. (Years ago, I was approached by a historic landmark charity to donate antiques and artifacts, and following their arranging third party official appraisals was given a receipt allowing me to claim a 100% tax exemption).

    • dstenberg April 14, 2014 at 12:19 pm - Reply

      Hi Marion,

      Thank you for your comment. The transfer of Eagle Bluff to the joint tenants, SORCO and BOCS, will ensure the groups can continue to protect the birds they have long cared for.

      In connection with the sale of Eagle Bluff, a covenant was registered on title to ensure that the property will continue to be used for the breeding, rehabilitation and/or treatment of wildlife.

      With regards to the charitable tax receipt for the previous mortgage holder, they would have received a receipt when they donated the amount of the mortgage to TLC. I believe you may be referring to the Ecological Gifts Program regarding nationally significant donations. You can find out more information on the Government of Canada’s website

      Thank you again for your inquiry.

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